Web Samurai Services for Your Business

Whether it’s a new website or a specific new feature you need to turbocharge your business, Web Samurai For Hire has smart, low-cost environmentally-responsible solutions–all our websites and web features include a 300% carbon offset. Contact Web Samurai For Hire today to master technology tomorrow.

New Website

Get a new website or a full site facelift.

  • Get a great new website–NO DOMAIN NAME REQUIRED!
  • Get a website with integrated online ordering, reservations, and the feature(s) you need.
  • Integration with your POS system available.

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Web Feature Add-On

Add online ordering, reservations, or other strategic feature.

  • Get a new online feature–NO DOMAIN NAME REQUIRED!
  • Upgrade your business with a Feature Add-On for online ordering, reservations, or appointments.
  • Integration with your POS system available.

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Web Samurai For Hire FAQs

Usually you need to find and register a domain name for your website, like MyWebsite.com. This can cost from $10 to $100,000 depending on the name, along with an annual renewal fee.

Since we own the rutherfordnj.town domain name, we can create unlimited sub-domains under that name, like MyBusiness.rutherfordnj.town–for FREE. Building your website or add-on feature as part of that domain also confers multiple search (SEO) benefits to increase traffic to your site.

‘Integration with your Point-of-Sale system’ means online orders for your restaurant that automatically print to your front and kitchen printers. It means online orders for your store that work the same as your standard register sales. It means orders and features that blend with and improve how you do business.

Our services:

  • Feature-rich Websites
  • Web Feature Add-Ons
  • Custom Digital Gift Cards
  • Online Ordering & e-commerce
  • QR Code Restaurant Menus

We know you’re busy running your business—the same as we are!  Your active participation is greatly valued and appreciated.

We offer over 40 years experience in IT, combined. Our expertise includes functional architecture, marketing, cybersecurity, web solutions, and advertising.

  1. CONTACT: Email us at info@websamuraiforhire.com or text or call us at 201-725-1500.
  2. PLAN: We’ll turn your goals into actionable tasks and agree on a cost-effective Statement of Work.
  3. EXECUTE: Build and launch to plan. The vast majority of our websites and web features are built and launched in under 4 weeks. 

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